Based in Yarraville, Australia, I hand make unique jewellery from Silver, Gold and other metals.

My love for creating didn’t start with jewellery, from an early age I always enjoyed making things, as a kid I started working with wood and metal and even saved up my money from working on weekends for months to buy a welder and other tools  to work on various fabrication and restoration projects throughout my teenage years.

At high school, I thrived in woodwork and metalwork class, but I started learning general hand tool skills even earlier from my grandfather, he spent a lot of time with me as a kid ensuring that I learnt how to use and care for tools correctly.

All my pieces are hand fabricated in my small workshop with very basic tools and equipment. I normally start out with a flat piece of metal and maybe a vague idea, but often inspiration comes as I start to manipulate the metal with my hammers, pliers, saws and blowtorch. I am drawn to the raw, rough and organic textures and colours that the tools and heat can create, but I also love the satisfaction of polishing metals to a high shine, so my pieces are often an exhibition in contrast in colour and/or texture.